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Constructing with Quality and Integrity for 25 years
Food Industry
Golden Cheese of California has strict tolerances for safety and sanitation along with an obsession for value.  This is usually the case in the food industry throughout Southern California.  Corona Constructors has done over 150 million dollars worth of work in their Corona plant since 1984.  The major areas of the plant constructed were the Silos, Whey Separation, Whey Laboratories, Shredder (pictured right), Packaging, Refrigeration, Product Storage Area, Power Plant, Administrative Offices and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This was considered the largest cheese plant in the world in 2006 and Corona Constructors managed over ninety-five percent of all the work completed.  John O'Doherty, owner of Corona Constructors, is a California registered Professional Engineer with an obsession for excellence in both design and construction.  His perseverance and methodical management style has served Golden Cheese of California well since he moved here from Cork Ireland in 1984.  As owner and President of Corona Constructors, Golden Cheese has become a major benefactor of our efficient management techniques enabling them to become the leading supplier of food and Dairy products in southern California and beyond.
Planning is what we do best.  Without good planning, construction projects will will take longer and probably cost more.  We utilize Microsoft Project on all our projects highlighting the critical path to ensure the most efficient and cost effective tasks to do first.  This also helps us to complete other tasks early to avoid construction or other types of congestion at the jobsite.  We provide a weekly, three week look-ahead schedule to make sure the customer is aware of all activities planned in the immediate future as well as the long term.  This allows the Facilities manager to manage ongoing operations as not to interupt much needed cash flows and production quotas.
The Burrito Kitchen Upgrade project (pictured at left) at Doskosil (now Windsor Foods, Inc.) is an example of Corona Constructors' acumen in the food industry arena.  After a diligent design review process to value engineer the project netting the customer time and monies, the project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget and Doskosil was able to use the savings on other parts of the plant.  The Burrito Kitchen is still producing for Windsor Foods with very little required modifications or maintenance.  Windsor Foods has also continued their relationship with Corona Constructors as a consultant and  potential contractor for other projects.
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